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About us

Annai Social Welfare and Awareness Trust (ASWAT) is the voluntary service – Non-Governmental Organization formed and registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 vide registration No.81/2005. It is a developing resource centre established for the upliftment of Farmers, Childrens and Womens. It was founded by K.K.Selvaraj Managing Trustee. All the trust activities are not run on profit motive but run on “No Profit and No Loss”.

The Vision & Mission of ASWAT according to "All to All" have to develop Farmers, children, women and Environment the empowerment of gross roots section in the Trust.

ASWAT-NGO has identified so many needs of the people from its service area such as Youth empowerment, Old Age Home Literacy Awareness...

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Our Achievements

Best NGO Award in Forest Department - 2015

Best NGO Award in Forest Department - 2013

Best NGO Award in Forest Department - 2012

Best NGO Award in Forest Department - 2011

Key Projects

Rural Development

Residents of Murungathozhuvu has recorded a new feat by de-siliting a 16-acre tank in the village with the help of ASWAT-NGO and NABARD


To halt genetic erosion and move to an era of bio-happiness while integrating agro-biodiversity with poverty alleviation and Malnutrition.


To equip crop plants to overcome abiotic stress, mainly salinity and drought with strategic and applied research


Blending traditional wisdom for enhancing natural resources, increasing profitability of small farms and improving non-farm income through value addition

Food Security

Promoting community-based interventions towards nutrition security for marginalized sections, and related to availability, access or absorption of food.

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