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About Aswat NGO

Annai Social Welfare and Awareness Trust (ASWAT) is the voluntary service-Non-Governmental Organization formed and registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 vide registration No.81/2005. It is a developing resource centre established for the upliftment of Farmers, Children and Women. It was founded by K.K. Selvaraj Managing Trustee. All the trust activities are not run on profit motive but run on "No Profit and No Loss".

The Vision & Mission of ASWAT according to "All to All" have to develop Farmers, children, women and Environment the empowerment of gross roots section in the Trust.

ASWAT-NGO has identified so many needs of the people from its service area such as Youth empowerment, Old Age Home Literacy Awareness among the rural and poor people, Hi-tech Agricultural Development, Awareness on Organic Farming practices, Environmental Pollution Awareness, Water Management and Sanitation, Renovation of existing water pond, Joint Liability Group (JLGs) among farmers to create producer companies, Awareness training on Livestock Management, Tree Planting, Water Saving Awareness Street Play, Exhibition on AGRO Forestry, Water Saving Awareness Wall Painting, Water Saving Awareness, Water Rally Awareness, Training to PRI Members, PWSS Members, FWTK Members, Detailed Project Report (MSDA) Program, MEDP Program, TBGP Program and promoted more than 300 farmers club so far in Erode and Tiruppur districts. which will help the state and country to progress in growth path.

ASWAT-NGO would like to extend its service information of old age home and formation of more JLG’s and Improvement in introducing Modern Organic Farming Practices among the youths. To achieve Complacency of Water in Drinking and Irrigation needs. NGO is committed to work in partnership with central and state government to implement various welfare projects.

On the behalf of the organization I pay my sincere thanks and gratitude to the funding agencies, NABARD, Forest Department, Horticulture Department, Animal Husbandry, TWAD, Agriculture Department, Agricultural Marketing Department and Networking agencies as well as ASWAT-NGO stake holders for this tremendous achievement in the public service.

  • The Trust “ASWAT” has been granted registration u/s.12A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 by the Commissioner of Income-tax, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu vide order in C.No.227(51)-CIT-II/CBE/2007-08 dated 14th November, 2007 through which any income derived from the activities carried out by the trust is exempted from paying Income-tax.
  • The Trust also exemption under section 80G (5)(vi) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 by which any donation to the trust is exempted in the hand of the donor. This exemption is a permanent one as per the Circular No:07/2010 dated 22-10-2010 issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi.
  • The Trust also granted permission under Registration Number 076060077 to receive contributions/donations under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India vide its order No.11/21022/67(0348)2009-FCRA-II dated 09-01-2013 and renewed upto 9-1-2023.

The Trust also granted permission under Registration Number TN/2017/0115853 to receive funds from government under NITI AAYOG, Government of India.