Cat programme in nabard

NABARD & ASWAT-NGO had jointly organized the CAT Programme – Training on Grafting and Budding of Commercial Plants were given to farmers. Grafting and Budding requires specific skills for Planning, Establishment, Production, Management and Marketing. For instance, the timing of production is an important factor as the harvest should coincide with good demand and higher market prices. Moreover it involves comparatively high input cost and good management practices, which have direct bearing on the economic viability of the production system. Even the unemployed rural youth who have less interest in traditional agriculture can be motivated to adopt this modern agricultural technology.

As growers need to possess adequate knowledge and skills to plan and execute the various operations for Grafting and Budding for it to be profitable, they have to be trained on this technology to get maximum benefit.

The main objectives of this programme is to increase knowledge of farmers on Grafting and Budding for cultivating high value horticultural crops and to develop skills of farmers on Grafting and Budding by means of Exposure visit and Demonstrations