MSDA – PRA in Agriculture Department

People’s Participation from conception to conclusion of the programme is the basic idea of Mission on Sustainable Dry land Agriculture (MSDA) - Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), the extent of their participation in various stages of the programme, evolving plan, framing strategy, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evolution, depends mainly on the commitment, on the part of people, towards the programme. 'Awareness about the programme' is the basis for realization of his importance of the programme. Creating awareness needs.

  • To Collect the information on Socio-Demographic and cultural life of the People under the selected watershed area.
  • To understand various problems related to cultivation faced by the farmers in particular.
  • To identify the existing natural and physical resources for agricultural and waste land development.
  • To formulate an action plan taking into account the available resources and man power.