Rural Development

Residents of Murungathozhuvu has recorded a new feat by de-siliting a 16-acre tank in the village with the help of ASWAT-NGO and NABARD

LPP Leakage Waste Water sent through Solar motor pump to Murungatholuvu pond

Dengue Awareness Program

ASWAT-NGO organized the Dengue Awareness program with chennimalai Union Workers. It is chaired by Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD., ASWAT-NGO, welcomed all the participants and the special address was given by Govt Chief Doctor Mr. Venkataraman, explains about dengue fever and how to control and prevent the fever, Symptoms, Precautions. The Participants of this program are Govt Siddha Dr. Padmavathi and Executive Officer Mr. Krishnan.

Exhibition on Agro Forestry

In Chennimalai Car Festival Tree Planting Exhibition was conducted. This exhibition was opened by Arachalur Forest Ranger Mr.Prabhakaran and Forest Ranger Mr. Krishnamoorthi. This Exhibition was organized by Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD of ASWAT-NGO. The Participants of this Exhibition was Forester and Employees of Forest Service. More than 70,000 farmers get benefited through this Exhibition.

Kalingarayan Day Program

Panchalingapuram Farmer’s Club & ASWAT-NGO jointly organized the Kalingarayan day function in Moodakuruchi about Water Saving Awareness. Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD., ASWAT-NGO delivered a speech about Kalingarayan and Watersaving awareness and the participants are Mr. Sivakumar Head of Farmers Club, Mr.Suryamoorthi, Mr. Vellayutham and cultural organizer.

Seed Ball Throwing Program

ASWAT - NGO organized the Seed Ball throwing Program conducted in Arasanna Malai, Voipadi Village. In this program Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD., of ASWAT-NGO, Mr. Viswanathan DFO, Mr. K. Ravichandran ACF, Forest Ranger Mr. N. Prabhakaran, Forest Ranger Mr. S. Krishnamoorthi are participated in this program. Moonampalli and Kongampalayam village farmers and youngsters are prepared the seed balls from Vembu, Santhanam, Koduikkapulli, Puliyamaram Seeds. Totally 3000 seed balls were throwing till top of the malai.

Exposure Visit for Farmer Club Members

NABARD & ASWAT-NGO had jointly given the Exposure visit for farmers in Jain Irrigation - Udumalaipettai. Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD., ASWAT-NGO, Forest Ranger Mr. K. Prabhakaran, Forester Rajasekaran, Forest Ranger Mr. Krishnamoorthi and employees of Forest Service. More than 40 interested farmers were taken to Jain Irrigation for Training on Grafting and Budding of Commercial Plants. The explanations were given to farmer about Budding and Grafting.

Animal Husbandary Awareness Program

ASWAT-NGO & Veterinary University Training and Research Center, Erode jointly organized the Animal Husbandary Awareness Program in Pudupalayam, Chennimalai. It is chaired by Mr. K.K. Selvaraj MD., ASWAT-NGO, welcomed all the participants and the special address was given by Mr. KirubakaranAsst. Professor, explains about to educate the people to adopt scientific production practices and their hygienic use to control the diseases of importance, Precautions, communicable to human.